Biodanza and Human Development in my Life


I loved Biodanza from the very first time and I still love it twenty years later.

I have been facilitating Biodanza sessions for over ten years now. I've helped many people looking for a new path to self-discovery, self-expression and better relationships.

My specialization in Human Development for Companies and Organizations opens new possibilities for bringing my experience in team building and stress management to workplaces, where people are always facing new challenges.

I started my training in 1999 in Italy where I attended the three year course at the Biodanza Model School of Milan and I became a Biodanza facilitator. 

After that I left Italy with my family I was ready to bring Biodanza to several different countries.

Later on I also became a Biodanza trainer for teachers, another important step in my career. I continue attending updating workshops and experiencing the never ending possibilities of working with Biodanza.

Working with people is always a great experience. People can be tired, stressed, distracted by many thoughts or even with a low self-esteem that day, but when we start our session all the faces change, everybody is happier and ready to enjoy the pleasure of dancing their life!

I just love it!

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