Sistema Rolando Toro 

Self-expression movements in DC, Maryland and Virginia - US

Paola Bolzan

IBF Biodanza Facilitator, Tutor and Didactic Trainer

"Biodanza is the poetry of human encounter"

Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza

Biodanza is you, in the moment, feeling the unity of your body and your emotions, it's the expression of your inner self. 

Biodanza is never done alone. In a group setting we find the infinite possibilities of expressing and dancing all the aspects of life. We are part of a totality and we want to keep on feeling part of it. Biodanza proposes dances alone as well as in pair and in group.

Biodanza reaches these aspects through a fusion of selected music, inspired movements and emotions. Classes include energizing as well as relaxing dances that help people finding their natural balance. Dances are easy and pleasant and everybody moves in total respect of their own rhythm.

Celebrate your presence in life. 

Celebrate life.