Your Health in Movement

Biodanza is first and most of all a fantastic support system.

The possibilities that Biodanza offers in terms of health improvement are almost limitless.

More and more doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and health practitioners specialized in different fields work with Biodanza and have the direct opportunity to see the amazing results we always see with common groups with participants with no specific health issues.

More and more researches are done and again the results are always very positive. Some examples:

- A research done on the efficacy of Biodanza treating women with Fibromyalgia (an experimental control-group study conducted with 65 women) showed that thanks to Biodanza women had lower pain on specific points, improved agility, enhanced leg strength and increased flexibility, among others

- An experimental control-group on patients with cardiovascular problems showed increased magnesium and lower cholesterol in blood tests, contributing to stress reduction, among others

- Patients with mental health problems showed evident improvement after a series of Biodanza classes. Biodanza is particularly useful with patients with mental health problems thanks to its capacity to stimulate the positive aspects in our life and to bring our attention to the "here and now"

- Other people who could benefit from Biodanza are: people with Parkinson, cancer patients, people with gastro-intestinal problems, with obesity, anxiety, and last but not least all people suffering from stress

I offer individual sessions for specific health problems. There is also the possibility to organize specific groups and to attend regular Biodanza sessions. If you decide to try Biodanza for a specific health issue, please feel free to contact me via email or phone to inform me about your situation and also your expectations. 

If you are a doctor, a psychotherapist or any kind of health practitioner and you are interested in knowing more about Biodanza and how it works and it would eventually work with your patients, please contact me and I'll be happy to talk with you.

Paola Bolzan


Mobile:    202-629 8303