Health Institutions and Organizations  

Working in Health Institutions and Organizations is a big challenge. You need to follow your schedule, to work in a group, to share time and space with other colleagues, to fulfill many different tasks and you are very busy all day (or night). This is more or less the same for any institution. When you work in a healthcare center, be it a big hospital or an elderly live-in center, you have an extra load of work: you deal with people with health problems.

For this kind of work first of all you need to have passion, your job is a mission in your life: helping people who really need help. 

I will help you and your institution or organization to continue delivering the best available service. I offer you a series of encounters to help boost your healthcare team's energy and passion. The risks of burn-out, missing days of work and changing job are incredibly reduced when healthcare providers learn new ways of communication, feel their team as a possibility for working better supporting each other and appreciate the connection both among individuals and as a team. "You have to look at the way the various pieces support each other (...) It's the interaction of the pieces from which the strength emerges. (...) Interaction is the key." John Holland, Hidden Order Addison-Wesley

The relationships of such a strong connected team with its patients will improve so much that also the patients will feel that the service they receive is of higher level. They will be more satisfied because people who work with them are more satisfied themselves.

Nowadays more and more people ask for a better communication within hospitals and healthcare centers in general. In the series of encounters I offer non-verbal communication is a must and it teaches participants to pay deep attention to the person they are dealing with. 

The result is be a better work environment where both healthcare providers and patients are much happier and satisfied with what they give and receive.

Human Development for Institutions sessions modalities

I offer sessions with a frequency based on the institution specific needs. The duration and  number of sessions will be discussed with the institution and tailored to its needs. These sessions are usually facilitated in the premises and they are the ideal way to start a working day, to take a break from work and also to get ready for an important meeting with renewed energy and communication skills. 

I offer the possibility to organize retreats and also to incorporate some of our Human Development activities into already programmed events and retreats. We facilitate events with small groups of 8/10 people, medium size groups of 30/40 people and big groups of up to 100 participants. The cost is based on the type of event and the number of participants. 

Paola Bolzan


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