Human Development for Team Building and 

Stress Management

We offer coaching sessions and special events for companies and institutions to improve their working environment and productivity through better team interaction and individuals' self-awareness.

Our unique Human Development program is particularly beneficial to team building for on-going and new teams. Our client designed sessions help fostering a sense of ownership, mission and common goals. 

As a cutting edge mind-body activity  Human Development for Companies and Organizations facilitates empathy, respect and collaboration between team members both at the same and different levels of hierarchy, ultimately leading to higher team productivity. 

Manage your energy, not your time. A research published in the Harvard Business Review demonstrates that helping employees systematically rejuvenate their personal energy will bring benefits straight to the company. A healthier job environment helps more than experts used to think in the past. Human Development sessions create an extremely positive and healthy job environment helping exploring and expressing positive emotions in the team members.

Clients can benefit from Human Development and Biodanza demonstrated positive effects on stress management Stimulated by selected music, guided movements and group interaction participants will immediately feel energized and capable to cope with working-under-pressure situations.

Think out of the box: Human Development for Companies and Organizations opens to new possibilities stimulating participants' creativity and innovation in the work environment. Our approach is experiential and it includes various techniques and activities: hands-on activities, interactions (including both group goal exercises and dynamics in pair), the use of multi-media tools and relaxing strategies, highly selected music and movement. Sessions include a short segment combining lecture and participant discussion, exercises and music contribute to finding different ways to look at situations and are very effective as new ground breaking problem-solving techniques. Individuals and teams will develop flexibility and the capability to elaborate creative solutions to technological and organizational challenges. The negative effect of work routine is reduced and a new vital energy is infused in the work place.

Boosting participants' best potentials our Human Development program will bring to your team:

   - Better individual and group integration, with ever growing empathy and collaboration

   - Reinforcement of self-esteem, courage and security

   - Easiness of working in a team

   - Higher team-based results

   - Better decision-making and project implementation

   - Greater resistance to stress

Our Human Development program is specifically useful for coaching managers and team leaders. It enables the development of new leadership styles marked by a holistic vision of the relationship between staff personnel, the company and the environment where it works. It is inspirational for managers, motivating them towards their mission, their belief and trust in what they can achieve and helping them expanding their goals and opening their mind to innovation and to a new vision.

Human Development for Companies and Organizations session modalities

We offer sessions with a frequency based on the company specific needs. The duration and  number of sessions will be discussed with the company and tailored to its needs. These sessions are usually facilitated in the premises and they are the ideal way to start a working day, to take a break from work and also to get ready for an important meeting with renewed energy and creativity. 

We offer the possibility to organize corporate and executive retreats and also to incorporate some of our Human Development activities into already programmed events and retreats. We facilitate events with small groups of 8/10 people, medium size groups of 30/40 people and big groups of up to 100 participants. The cost is based on the type of event and the number of participants. 

Paola Bolzan


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